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How Hello Sudz Began…


My love for handcrafted soap began in 2015. It started with me reading the back of food labels and being shocked at some of the unpronounceable ingredients. After my food review, I moved on to look at the ingredients in the soaps and lotions I used on a regular basis. That discovery was just as shocking. Most of the “soaps” were made up of detergents and harsh chemicals. At that point, I was unsure what to do to change my skin regime. So, I continued to use the same soaps and lotions.

In around 2016, I started noticing rashes and dry patches on my skin. My youngest son suffered with eczema that had to be treated with prescribed ointments. Nothing healed or ended our skin discomfort. I had to do something. After some research, I discovered that there were bath products that included natural ingredients. I tried many good natural products, but there was always something missing for me. So, I decided to create my own.

In 2019, I taught myself how to make soap. I researched oils and butters to see what the skin benefits were along with how they would function in a soap. My goal was to create a soap that had natural ingredients, hydrating, and beneficial to the skin. It took me a few tries to get a formula that I was proud of, but when I got it “I was in love with my creation.”

Soaps and body butters were the first products I produced. I used my products every day. After a few weeks, my skin began to be healthy. Since it worked so well on me, I tried it on my son. The same thing happened with him, after a few weeks his skin was healthy and beautiful.  

 I enjoy making soap and other bath products. I enjoy it so much, that I was making soap to give it away as gifts. Everyone loved their gifts. They loved it so much that they wanted more, but I was stopped by my loving husband. He let me know that it was time to think about turning the soapmaking into a business. I had never considered a business, but I said to myself, “the world needs to experience the benefits of these bath and body recipes.” So, Hello Sudz was born.


                                                         Hello Sudz

                                                     Enjoy the Sudz!!!